Tips to Finding the Perfect Placement for Your Company

Every employer wants the perfect employees. This is because it only takes one spoilt employee and your company will run into millions of losses. This means you have to be careful when hiring. To improve the care you are taking, get a placement agency which will stretch your options. This means they will help find professionals who are highly qualified, unique and innovative. When you are filling executive positions, extra care also needs to be taken. Here now are tips to help you find the best executive recruiter.

Qualifications and Culture

A perfect recruiter should have a full understanding of your company’s vision and mission. The specific vacant position should also have an outlined qualification list. This means the recruiter will only bring in a person who matches with what the organization wants. This includes checking what the individual person wants to achieve in life and how it could help the company. A good example of companies which can do a clean job for you is Lucas Group who specializes in staffing and recruiting.

Company culture is a crucial consideration. When you want the right executive, there is need to hire a company which understands your culture. This will help them recruit professionals who match what the firm believes in and its functions. This makes it easy for the executive to be easily integrated into the system. Randstad Professionals Company is a preferable firm when it comes to looking for the perfect match. CSI executive search has also helped place the best employees.

Experience to Spur the Future

Qualifications must be well understood. This means you have to explain comprehensively to the recruiter firm on what you want. This includes stating clearly the entry level, qualification in school plus experience. It is also important to state what is expected in the experience. This can include certain years of working, innovation and previous job position plus achievements. If you want to achieve the best results in this category, check Job Spring Partners which is an A-class executive recruiter. Korn Ferry (Twitter) will also do a smart job for you.

Taking care of changes which might happen soon in the company will help the recruiter to be more specific while hiring. This can includes identifying the goals which the company wants to make in the near future. This can be a change of how the firm works or even expansion plan. This information should be given to the recruiters. This makes their work easier and specific. In this regard, Washington Network Group will help you find the right employee.

Let a Head Hunter Find the Next Top Executive

Hiring corporate executives may seem like a simple process that takes place internally with the board of directors present, but the reality is much more complex – Nels Olson knows this. A corporation does not have the hundreds of man-hours that are required to hire a new executive, but a head hunter works on projects such as this every day. Tangent Corporation and their comrades have helped hire countless executives in Washington DC, and every corporation looking for top executives much consider hiring a head hunter. This article explains why head hunters are an appropriate investment for any large company.

#1: Paying a One-Time Fee per Hire

Head hunters charge a one-time for every executive who is hired. The fee that is paid to the head hunter is nothing compared to the money that is lost while a corporation sits around attempting to hire someone. The head hunter charges a fee that would be considered in any circumstance, and the corporation may sit back waiting for their head hunter to find new executives.

#2: Do Head Hunters Hire Executives?

Head hunters do not hire executives alone, but head hunters complete much of the interview and vetting process alone. The board of directors of any large company only wants to see the final two or three candidates for a position. The head hunter has conducted extensive meetings with each candidate, and the candidates who stand before the board are more than qualified for the job. The board is left to make a final decision, but the final decision takes hours instead of weeks.

#3: Head Hunters Write Corporate Transition Plans

Head hunters in DC such as Tangent Corporation write transition plans for their clients every day. The transition plan is a combination of experience and common sense. The success plan may be used the moment someone leaves the firm, passes away or retires. The transition will be executed by the head hunter, and the head hunter will begin looking for new candidates at once. The vetting process starts over with every new position, but the succession plan stays the same.

Head hunters in Washington DC such as Tangent Corporation help large companies find new people to work in their corner offices, and companies work as normal until a successor is hired. Large corporations pay pennies on the dollar to a head hunter for hiring a single executive, and the company may trust the head hunter with every new hire.

Health Company to Host Annual Training Event in Dallas

Mannatech, a pioneer in Glyconutrients and a worldwide innovator in naturally sourced food supplements based on Real Food Technology is unveiling a new product brand, a new business model and a brand new line of products at its annual Mannafest Convention this year in Dallas, Texas.

Mannatech’s CEO, Alfredo Bala, has stated that these new products and the convention will be an absolutely transformative event that is designed to change the history of the company. He said further, that with these changes, entrepreneurs will find it easy than ever to build a successful business with the company.

The convention is set to start in Dallas, Texas at the Hilton Anatole Hotel April 6-10 and that the convention will be the gathering point and focus for the thousands of Mannatech representatives and sales associates that come to it from all points around the world. At the event, Mannatech will show off not only its new product brand but also its new logo, its focused positioning model, new product packaging, new associate sales tools and a new story designed to support the sales associates’ efforts to grow their business.

There will also be a rollout of additional product lines at the convention. Three brand new glyconutrient-based weight loss products will be on display as a complete system for body fat loss and optimum health, the system will include a meal replacement drink, a cellular cleanse mix and a fat loss capsule. These weight loss products will be made available in the U.S. market first and will then be released worldwide during 2016.

The company will also preview a new tracking technology available to its sales associates that will enable them to better track sales and manage their businesses. It consists of a new state of the art technology that is key to Mannatech’s effort to become the industry leader in the area of healthy lifestyle training and implementation. The new technology will allow Mannatech’s associates to manage their businesses from almost any device from virtually any place in the world.

Mannatech’s Key Note speaker at the convention will be master marketing strategist and producer extraordinaire Eric Worre. In addition, speaker and author John Addison will share tales of leadership, personal development, and success to the attendees. Master of ceremonies for the event will be Jason Hewlett, family friendly comic, impressionist, and all around entertainer. The convention will 4 days you won’t want to miss, especially if you are interested in quality health, fitness, and skin care products based on a firm scientific foundation of nutritional science.

Key Risk Factors When Scaling a Business to Global

With the availability of high-speed Internet and social media access around the world, it’s easy for entrepreneurs to assume that the world is just one big homogeneous market, and project their business will scale accordingly. Nothing could be further from the truth. Large businesses, as well as small, still fail often by not addressing the very real cultural, economic and political differences.

The challenge is to know what to look for when stepping outside your native market, be able to quantify the downside risk, and implement the required strategy in each of the new markets. In a new book, “Global Vision,” by NYU Stern School of Business scholar and leader Robert Salomon, I finally found some great insights on what to look for, and how to make the necessary changes.

His perspectives have been derived primarily from the travails of several major brands, including Walmart, IKEA, and Tesco. Yet, I believe the conclusions and strategy recommendations are equally valuable for every new entrepreneur who intends to expand outside their local country:

  1. Size market potential granularly based on local economics. The most common mistake is overestimating a particular market’s potential, based on your domestic context. Foreign markets typically have less information available and more variability in sales estimates, which is a setup for failure. Do more local homework and validate cautiously.
  2. Assume large and frequent economic swings. The inability to accurately predict or prepare for sudden changes in the local economic environment creates risks for the markets you know, but can wreak havoc for global initiatives. These economies are often ill-prepared to deal with economic shocks. Double the risk may mean half the opportunity.
  3. Currency exchange fluctuations can wipe out gains. The potential for large currency swings may change the way you need to manage transactions, specify contract terms, and project futures. Smart entrepreneurs have learned to lock in exchange rates, collect on transactions immediately, and pay indigenous organizations to hedge the risks.

Read the rest of the factors here.


A Few Examples Of Executive Recruiters Working In Washington DC

Nels Olson and other executive recruiters in the Washington DC Metroplex are responsible for placing executives in many spots around the city, and every recruiter has been given a contract to service a client through many executive changes. The public often believes that a CEO change is the only reason to hire a search firm, but every executive position within a company must be heavily-recruited by a search firm. This article covers a few companies that handle recruiting in the Metroplex.

#1: A Few Companies That Offer Recruiting Services

There are several recruiting firms in the Metroplex, and they include Battalia Winston, Lucas Group and Reaction Search International. Every company works with its own set of clients, and they have created custom executive plans for each company. Every company in the area must have an executive plan that has been written to address their specific needs, and the executive plan will be executed by the search firm in the event of an executive change.

#2: What Are Executive Changes?

Executive changes include deaths, retirements, job changes and firings. Any time an executive leaves the company must be replaced, and the executive plan addresses their replacement in a systematic way. The plan has been written to offer an immediate method for replacing the executive, and that includes shuffling the current executives with the company.

Any large firm operating in Washington DC must ensure that they have invested in an executive plan that their recruiter will work on when the time is right. New hires will be brought before the board of directors, and the executive suite will shuffle with the help of the recruiting firm. Time is not wasted, and every party involved in the change is given instant information about the change.

#3: Why Is A Recruiter Needed?

A recruiter is needed to help a company find the people that must be hired from the outside. The board of directors does not have the time or inclination to vet and interview new candidates, but recruiters are familiar with hundreds of people who could fill any job. A long-term contract with a recruiting firm allows a business to easily slide from one change to another without bogging it down.

The executive recruiting firms in Washington DC that offer these services control the executive plans of their clients. Clients of every search firm immediately change their executive teams, and the change does not disrupt their normal business operations.

Mannatech Experiences Success in Colombia Expansion

Mannatech, Incorporated has made a name for itself in the states for its distribution of nutritional products from its base in Coppell, Texas. Having established itself in 24 countries, its 310 employees have reached customers through hundreds of thousands of outlets and sales associates. Their next targeted location is Colombia.

Alfredo Bala, President and CEO of Mannatech (, released a statement regarding the reception to the company’s expansion into South America. It’s been largely positive and many in the cities of Bogotá, Medellin and Barranquilla have expressed interest in their wellness products, giving them a platform to build off of in the local health communities.

Targeting major cities, areas with a high concentration of customers conscious about health and nutrition has been key to Mannatech’s success in other countries, and they applied the same method in their strategy for Colombia. According to Bala, while this may be key to succeeding in Colombia, these cities also provide an opportunity to reach out to successful entrepreneurs that want to partner up with the company, making it a profitable venture for both parties and customers.

Earlier in February, Mannatech announced a boost in independent sales associates to coincide with the opening events at the end of April in their three pilot cities. This launch event will also be preceded by initiatives that will help to prepare the sales associates in a way that will make the opening events successful, like promoting the implementation of business skills and cash incentives.

Aside from their staff and strategy, Mannatech plans on promoting their unique products directly to the public. Glyconutritional technology is at the center of all their products, which takes plant based products in order to better cellular communication and boost immune response in the body, boosting one’s health. This isn’t merely a claim promoted by the company. With 17 human trials on the effectiveness of their products, Mannatech has met the standard of validation needed to establish effectiveness of their products. Glyconutritional technology has been used by Mannatech to establish more than 100 patents in markets across the world.

Mannatech has also been vetted by industry standards like NSF International when judging the viability of their core products. Domestically, Mannatech has had their products verified by the Good Manufacturing Practices for Dietary Supplements, which operates under the purview of the Food and Drug Administration, determining their products are of a quality necessary for distribution.

Mannatech’s opening event will take place between April 26-30.

Did you know these execs were placed by head hunters?

Hiring is a process that helps to select the right talent and workforce to join a company. If the right individuals are added to a company, it becomes easier to achieve goals and plans in time. However, identifying the right executives has always been a daunting task for many companies within Washington, DC. This has triggered the development of head hunters like Nels Olson, who work to allow companies locate the right executives. Below are some of the few companies that have been trusted to offer recruitment services in DC.

Y Scouts

This is an executive search firm that works mainly on offering services that help companies to locate exceptional leaders in various positions. Y Scouts has worked with non-profit organizations, social enterprises as well as culture-fanatical organizations. Basically, Y Scouts connects the right workers in DC with employers who are seeking for employees with certain leadership qualities.

McCormick Group

McCormick Group is ranked as the largest executive search firm within Washington, DC, also taking a top position in the list of top 25 executive search firms in the country. The company, which was launched in 1974, has managed to successfully place over 8000 individuals to different companies. Their work includes vetting applicants to ensure they qualify for certain responsibilities as required in the job market. This is followed by identifying companies and organizations that are looking for similar qualifications.

Grant/ Morgan Associates
Maintaining contact with customers in consulting capacity and offering guidance on hiring has been a great achievement for Grant/ Morgan Associates. The company is made up of professionals with skills in various fields, which enables them to keenly vet professionals for various positions in the market. They have completed many searches within Washington, DC, thereby offering solutions to different recruitment problems.

Hire Strategy
Hire strategy has worked to ensure all the recruitment they handle is consistent with the needs of different employers and most importantly the market. The company has been ranked highly for offering some of the best executive search services within Washington, DC. To ensure the right candidates are hired, Hire Strategy works with professionals who are proficient in various fields to help vet applicants.

Vetted Solutions
Maintaining consistency and superiority in the search process has been the biggest achievement for Vetted Solutions. The company has worked with different top firms and has been able to identify top talent for executive positions. They have been offering lasting solutions to leadership needs that most of their clients display.

The Aspen Ideas Festival: A World of Thought

Held annually in Aspen, Colorado by the Aspen Institute, the Aspen Ideas Festival is a week-long festival with a wide variety of events delivered by speakers from an array of backgrounds and professions. The festival’s programs and events include seminars, proctored discussions, and tutorials from some of the world’s leading political minds, artists, business people, and activists. With speakers across many disciplines, the festival draws over 3,000 attendees and 350 presenters. In 2016 the festival is being held June 23rd to July 2nd.

Past Aspen festival speakers include Author Deepak Chopra, Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton, Actress Alfre Woodard, and United Arab Emirates Ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba. By having speakers of such high caliber, the festival is able to link some of the world’s foremost thinkers with their peers in order to facilitate meaningful discussion, raise challenging questions, and cultivate thought.

Tutorials, discussions, and general programs are directly related to the speaker’s area of expertise. At the festival’s 2014 opening ceremony Alfre Woodard spoke about art and creativity. In 2010 Ambassador Al Otaiba discussed the history of the UAE, its bilateral partnership with the US, and its role and position in the region relative to other Middle Eastern countries.
Open and honest dialogue among political and social influencers from different backgrounds cultivates understanding, the transmittance of ideas, fosters cross cultural communication, and ultimately creates meaningful change. As such, events like the Ideas Festival are needed now more than ever. Because of globalization and the digital age cross cultural literacy is now a necessity.

In order to understand each other in this increasingly globalized world we need to effectively communicate with each other. Through the power of collaboration world leaders and social influencers can amend some of the world’s most pressing issues by delving deeply into a world of thought and putting those ideas into action.

What’s Next for Apple?

The following is a script from “Inside Apple” which aired on Dec. 20, 2015. Charlie Rose is the correspondent. Michael Radutzky, Andrew Bast and Glen Rochkind, producers.

Apple is one of the most interesting business stories in generations and it finds itself at the heart of some of the biggest issues facing American companies today: the way terrorists may be using encrypted technology to plot attacks, the battle over the corporate tax rate, and the challenges of working in China. We talked about all of that with Apple CEO Tim Cook as part of a journey through the world’s biggest and richest company.

What is it that makes Apple so innovative and so profitable, and yet so secretive, almost obsessively secretive? Apple agreed to let us in, to an extent, beginning at the annual launch in September of Apple’s new products.

[Backstage: Go!

Tim Cook taking stage: Thank you! Thank you! It’s really been an incredible year for Apple.]

Tim Cook has been running Apple for the past four years, but for most of the 15 years before that…

[Steve Jobs taking the stage at a product launch event: We’ve had some real, revolutionary products…]

…the stage belonged to Apple’s late cofounder Steve Jobs.

[Steve Jobs: We’re going to make some history together today…]

Jobs transformed the computer from a cumbersome machine into perhaps the most personal and sleek consumer product of all time. The iPhone is 12,000 times more powerful than the original Macintosh, and next year it will have sold one billion units. Following Steve Jobs was one of the most challenging successions imaginable, a daunting responsibility for the man he handpicked — Tim Cook.

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World Trade Organization Strikes ‘Historic’ Farming Subsidy Deal

Countries in the World Trade Organization (WTO) have agreed to abolish subsidies on farming exports.Developed countries agreed to stop the subsidies immediately and developing nations must follow by the end of 2018.

The WTO, which represents 162 countries, called it “the most significant outcome on agriculture” since the body’s foundation in 1995. But longstanding talks on other trade barriers were left unresolved at the end of the summit in Kenya. Removing agriculture export subsidies is intended to help farmers in poorer countries to compete more fairly.

“The decision you have taken today on export competition is truly extraordinary,” WTO chief Roberto Azevedo said at the closing session in Kenyan capital, Nairobi.

The summit of ministers, which finished on Saturday after five days of talks, was the first to be held in Africa.

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